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Party Packages

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Mini Donut

Party Packages

Deluxe Package

Up to 2 hours / $1,295

All of the basic donut toppings plus assorted jellies & custards, chocolate & rainbow sprinkles, pretzel crumbs, cookie crunch, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips & more!

Includes up to 150 servings, add a 2nd donut machine for $850.

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Rolled Ice Cream Party Packages

Includes our popular cookies & cream ice cream, assorted toppings, attendants and cups & spoons. 

Single machine:


Two machines:


Three machines:


Four machines:


We recommend 1 machine per 40 guests for full size cups or 100 guests doing single rolls.

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Combo Rolled Ice Cream &

Mini Donut Party Packages

Basic Package

Includes 1 Rolled Ice Cream Machine &

1 Deluxe Mini Donut Package

$2,100 / 2 hrs

Deluxe Package

Includes 2 Rolled Ice Cream Machines &

1 Deluxe Mini Donut Package

$2,850 / 2 hrs

Freshly Made Pizza. All You Can Eat.  

Watch our chefs create our best-selling pies from scratch. We will bring all of the ingredients and some ovens to your party so we can prep, bake and serve fresh pizza to your guests.

Packages starting at



Build Your Own Pizza Station

We will provide freshly made pizza dough, a variety of delicious toppings, and some ovens for your party so your guests can have some fun building their own customized pizza.

$1,500 for our staff

& supplies

Basic Pizzas

$10 per person

Specialty Pies

$12 per person


Pizza in a Box

Have your campers build their own pizzas at your camp and then bake them at home! We provide all of the ingredients to make a delicious pizza in a box so your campers can take their creations home!

Kits starting at



Acai Bowls

Our original bowl - the Acai Bowl, starts with a healthy serving of the Brazilian super fruit Acai, which is blended to perfection, layered with granola, topped with fresh fruit, coconut and drizzled with honey.

Small Bowls


for the first 100 pieces.
$13 for each additional piece

Large Bowls


for the first 100 pieces.
$15 for each additional piece


Deep Fried Oreos Packages

What could be better than having an Oreo cookie dipped into a delicious donut batter and frying them on the spot?!?

Single Machine


Two Machines


Three Machines


Each machine makes approximately 150 pieces in two hours


Waffle Sticks Packages

Made fresh on the spot, the waffle sticks are taken to the next level by finishing them off with a variety of yummy toppings, including our chocolate dipping station, which allows for many possible combinations of creativity & deliciousness!

Up to 150 pieces

$1,450 / 2 hrs

Includes 2 assorted waffle makers and unlimited toppings.

Up to 250 pieces

$2,000 / 2 hrs

Includes 3 assorted waffle makers and unlimited toppings.


Chocolate Fountain Packages

Rental of fountain w/ chocolate only

Up to 100 ppl: $700

Up to 150 ppl: $1,000

Up to 200 ppl: $1,250

Over 200 ppl: Additional $5 per person

Rental of fountain w/ chocolate as well as assorted fruit, pretzels with bamboo sticks/toothpicks, etc.

Up to 100 ppl: $1,250

Up to 150 ppl: $1,500

Up to 200 ppl: $1,800

Over 200 ppl: Additional $7 per person

*Prices include set up & delivery with attendant for 2 hours


Meshuga Shakes


Quench your thirst on these hot summer days with the coolest looking and most refreshing milkshakes on earth!

We bring an assortment of beautiful glass mugs for you to fill with your favorite ice cream drink & decorate with a huge assortment of delicious toppings!

Everyone keeps their mug for a wonderful party favor!

$1,400 for the first 100 pieces

$7 each for additional piece



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